Thursday, April 29, 2010

Revell Lockheed 1049 Super G Constellation

When we moved to Lancaster in late 1974, our house on J-5 was not finished yet. So, we lived in a motel on Sierra Highway. It was only for a few weeks, but it seemed like months to me. The school year had just begun, and I was in the fourth grade at El Dorado school on Ave J and 5th Street East.
One day, in class, I could hear the rumbling of some large, propeller-driven airplane getting closer, and closer. I couldn't stand it; I just had to run out and see what it was. As I got up, my teacher warned me to stay in my seat or face the consequences. But I didn't listen. The plane was so close, and I couldn't control myself one second longer. I ran out of the classroom, looked up, and saw flying at treetop level, a Lockheed Constellation! It had some funny-looking bulges on it, so it was probably an Air Force EC-121, or a Navy WV-2 (or something of that type.) It was late 1974, and there were still a few of these flying with the reserves. Perhaps I saw one of the last ones before it was sent to pasture.
What does this have to do with model airplanes? Well, I'm sure this sighting was the reason I got the Revell TWA Constellation at Gemco.


  1. I have to ask....did you get in trouble with the teacher? The Connie is also on my list........

  2. Yes I did! She was not the nicest teacher anyway, and she really chewed me out when I came back in. It was worth it though.

  3. Hahaha!! You bet it was, I would have done the same! I love the visual image you conjured up in my mind describing the Connie flying over head at tree-top.. Not surprised one bit the fascination setting in after that. In my opinion, people that don't pause to look up as an airplane flies overhead are weeeeeeeeird. ;)