Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Lancaster Years

This picture represents a turning moment in my life. My Dad snapped this photo within minutes of me gawking at the first C-141A Starlifter I had ever seen fly overhead - real low. It was shooting touch-and-go's at Palmdale Air Force Facility a few miles away from where we were standing. The house in the background is our new home on East Avenue J-5, in Lancaster California. Dad was transferred from Rockwell Intl. Space Division in Downey, to Palmdale to begin work on the Space Shuttle.
There were other airplanes flying overhead that day too: a Flying Tigers DC-8-61, and C-130s. I was hooked on airplanes from that day forward. As soon as we moved into that house, I started building models. Most of the kits I got were from Gemco, the largest department store in Lancaster at the time, and a pretty good one too. They had a great selection of model kits, mostly the 1973 & '74 Revell and Monogram releases, plus some Entex, and Aurora kits as well. Thrifty Drug and Discount Store had the Lindberg kits, and K-Mart had mostly Revell and Monogram kits.
I don't remember what the first model airplane was that I built when we moved, but it was either the Revell TWA Super-G Constellation, or the Aurora C-141A Starlifter. I guess I'll start with the Revell Connie.

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