Friday, October 28, 2016

New office with models! Models! Models!

One of the reasons besides laziness I haven't been posting my new models is because I've been working in a temporary office since September of last year. But I'm in my new office now, and because my employers know I like to build model airplanes, they put in a large shelf that extends one whole wall length, and this nice glass display cabinet. I have room for all my models and more as I build them. But space is not infinite, and when I do eventually reach maximum shelf capacity, I'll have to let some go. Contact me if you want any. Here's a picture of the top portion I call the "Lockheed Section" of the glass case. The Boeing B-47 sits on top on the outside. It was hanging in my temporary office, but I got a Trumpeter display stand for it and I like it better this way.

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