Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Aurora Snaparoos! Weeeeeeeeeeeeee!

My blog would not be complete without mentioning the Aurora Snaparoos set of four jet airliners. Gemco had all the different Snaparoo sets, but I remember the only one I was interested in was the airliner set, because it had a Fairchild F-27. These little kits are similar to what a kid would get in a cereal box - simple little models where you could twist the pieces off the runners, and snap together in a matter of minutes. The box shows the four little airplanes nicely painted; even the F-27 looks like it's in Hughes Airwest livery. No decals are included however, and painting these things would really be a pain if one tried. I found a factory sealed box of these on EBay, and opened it up to relive the good memories. I believe I got the Snaparoo jet airliner set originally in the summer of 1975. The box shown here is dated 1975, so they had probably just come out when I got mine that summer. The Snaparoos are one of Aurora's last model kit products; the company would be out of business the following year.
It would be fun to put these together again after 37 years, but I just can't. I'd rather leave them in their individual packages. The box is in such great condition too, fresh and bran-new looking. I'll just leave the box on display with the rest of the built kits.


  1. Don,
    The line of Aurora Snap-A-Roo models were originally cereal premiums made in Australia by the R&L company.Another neat set if you can find it has a Cessna,DHC Beaver,Spirit of St.Louis & a Huey helicopter.


  2. No airline logos on them? Strange as it was so easy to get airlines to let you use their logo back then. Nowadays its so difficult I think they are missing a good chance to get some advertising like Coca Cola and John Deere do at Walmart and Hobby Lobby to say a few.

    I guess theirs was a case of "Back to the Future" or something?