Saturday, February 27, 2010


Welcome to my blog on building model airplanes from my childhood. I made this blog so others can follow along with me as I build over one-hundred plastic model airplane kits, most of them from the 1970s. My plan is to build them a little bit better than the first time. It's also a fun trip down memory lane. Here's the short history of my model building:

1974 - Built my first model airplane - an Aurora 1/48 scale Nieuport 11
1975 - Kit building really takes off after moving from Cerritos to Lancaster, California.
1975 - Purchased most of my models from Gemco and K-Mart dept. stores in Lancaster.
1975 - Met Phil Landon in the 5th grade; he turned me to shop at Peterson Hobbies & Crafts in Lancaster. Almost all models I built after that were purchased at Peterson's.
1978 - Got my first airbrush, a Badger 350 for my 13th birthday.
1983 - All model building comes to a halt when I enlist in the U.S.A.F.
1986 - Start building models again for display in my work center.
1988 - My model building skills finally reach peak quality with the help of newer airbrushes, hi-tech add-on parts, and professional techniques.
1995 - Model building comes to an abrupt halt again for the second time in my life due to purchase of first personal home computer, and marriage.
2006 - Model building starts again; revisited some older kits from the past purchased on EBay.
2010 - Found and purchased almost all model airplane kits from childhood on EBay. Started building them with the very first: the Aurora Nieuport 11.

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